Dr. Baumann Cosmetics

Combining high performance with the best natural products, Dr Baumann’s products contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. For naturally beautiful and healthy skin, the products also contain no chemical preservatives or mineral oils.
We guarantee that we make no false or exaggerated promises. Our objective is to do the best we can for you and your skin.Our multi-layer liposomes contain the same composition as human skin cells. These are essential components of the inter-cellular substance found between skin cells. Dr. Baumann’s Cosmetics products provide your skin with substances that it naturally produces.

OPI Lacquer & Gel Colour

OPI polish colours have always been sought after as the number one polish in the beauty industry for years. Tested and true its application is true to the colour as seen through the bottle and its finish is immaculate. Its ability to outlast other brands is why we have chosen to work with OPI. And now we have the bonus of Gel Colour. Looks and wears like a regular polish but lasts up to 14 days. Cured under an LED lamp its a quick process to fabulous long lasting nail colour!



footlogix – where Pedi meets Medi! footlogix is the world’s first and only PEDICEUTICAL® Mousse Foot Care line – made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.Scientifically formulated, Footlogix’s unique groundbreaking Dermal Infusion Technology® enables active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into troubled skin of the feet. With results seen in a mere few days, from curing simple dryness to addressing more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes, Footlogix has been clinically proven to perform.Trusted by millions of feet in over 20 countries, Footlogix Pediceuticals® have provided the healing solutions demanded by renowned professionals and their clients around the globe!


Guaranteed to provide the richest looking tan in the most luxurious way without the sun. It also moisturizes, hydrates and protects the body without clogging the pores or irritating sensitive skin. Fakebake self tanning products will not turn skin orange or yellow and has no harsh odor due to the fact that it is not chemically based. Fakebake has created a product that contains botanically extracted ingredients and no chemical preservatives, that instantly tans various skin types without streaking.