Classic Cleansing Facial $60

A relaxing treatment with healthy products free of chemical preservatives, colours and perfumes. Facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, masque, massage & moisturizer. All products are selected based on your skin type and/or skin condition.

Treatment Facial $80

Includes all the elements of the classic facial with the bonus of extended massage, treatment serums with liposomes. A relaxing treatment with healthy skin care products free of chemical preservatives, colours and perfumes. Safe for even the most reactive skin. Leave seeing and feeling immediate results.

AHA Peel $65

Recommended for those whose skin is showing signs of ageing. Improves the look of fine lines, hyperpigmenation and dry spots. AHA work below the skin surface to help exfoliate tired skin cells and improve cell turnover to bring new, healthy skin forward. *Best results are experience through a series of treatments*.

Microdermabrasion $70

Gentle skin resurfacing using diamond tip dermabrasion wands. Refreshes weathered, dull and uneven skin colour. Treats fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. Reduces appearance of acne, acne scars and pigmentation issues. Treatment includes; gentle cleansing, dermabrasion, enzyme mask, collagen fleece mask and application of daily protection cream suited to your individual skin type. *Best Results with 3 or more treatments*

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